About the Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center

The Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center (SCRC), part of Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, began at Baylor Scott & White Health in 1987 to bring clinically relevant cardiology research studies to patients. The SCRC is named for Elizabeth Soltero, who cared for her family with genetically high cholesterol levels. Elizabeth Soltero started as a volunteer and rose to become the Administrative Director of the Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center.

The SCRC is nationally recognized for conducting high-quality studies on cardiovascular diseases, medicines and surgeries that will affect how we practice medicine in the future. The SCRC strives to improve patients’ lives through innovative research to understand, prevent and even reverse heart disease.

 By participating in a clinical study:

  • You can try new treatments that may be better than those that are available to the public.
  • You can help others better understand how the treatment works in people of different races and genders.
  • You will become part of a medical community dedicated to improving the lives of those who have similar medical conditions.
  • You will get expert medical care at leading healthcare facilities.


Available clinical studies: